Pan-American Highway

Our great adventure trip

The Pan-American Highway, one of the last great adventure routes in the world. It connects Alaska with Tierra del Fuego and is a rough guide for us on our journey. We start in Canada, more precisely in Halifax, where we will receive our vehicle.

Then we drive south to spend the winter in a slightly milder climate (Canada is not exactly suitable for this). In the southern states, we are moving westwards before heading north again in spring 2020, along the Pacific coast. In Alaska, the actual Pan-American Highway begins. From now on it would be on a direct route about 24,000 km to Tierra del Fuego. Of course we want to see something on our trip and it is therefore quite possible that it will be a little more kilometers.

After leaving the Rockies towards the south, we plan to enter Mexico in the fall of 2020. From the Baja California via Yucatan, we continue through the Central American countries. In Panama we ship our vehicle via the “Darian Gap” to Colombia.

Colombia is followed by Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Depending on the season, we will now commute back and forth between Argentina and Chile and continue our journey south to Ushuaia.

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